2022 Will Be a Year of Change for MG Mason Creative

Happy New Year! Wasn’t 2021 yet another weird one? In many ways it seems to have flown by. In other ways it seems to have dragged. I saw that picture of Bernie Sanders again the other day with the caption. “Think this year has been a long one? This image of Bernie is less than a year old.”


It was a quiet end to December after finishing a major project at the end of November, I had very little client work. I also sold very few books, but I feel that is to be expected. At least that gave me a springboard to head into 2022 with all my plans defined and prepared for. Some of those were ongoing through 2021. Medium, for example, and scheduling a few more posts for Buy Me A Coffee.

But there is more coming…

In Photography

Copyright MG Mason 2020

I’ve had a dearth of photos from 2021, mostly taken from our few trips out with more taken in September than any other month – I was a photographer (no, I have no intention of doing event photography – I still remain firm in that. This was my brother’s wedding). We also we went to Greece on holiday. Unable to sell any prints in two years, I closed my Smug Mug account and decided to stick with the free stock photo sites.

In 2022, I want to resume my Photography course at Udemy and then move onto a compositing course I bought in 2021.

In Video Skills

I got the above kit for Christmas – a 4k video, a new tripod, and a few other bits to help me develop my film skills further. So far, I’ve done most of my filming on my phone. As high quality as my Note 20 is, a dedicated video camera is always going to be better. What do I want to do with it?

  • Personal projects like filming at our allotment
  • Stock footage
  • Helping promote my books
  • Possible video editing hustle

In Book Publication

All the Spooky Salmonweird short stories will be released as an ebook and paperback in October – that is a given. I’ve managed to get a short story a month out every month as planned – Dec 2020 – April 2021 for the first four, Sept – Dec 2021 for the second lot, and Feb – Jun 2022 planned for the final five.

Click the image to go to the Amazon page:

Anyone in the UK who pays for Buy Me A Coffee access can not only read the short stories as they go up (including the eight already published) they will also be entitled to a free download copy. This is UK only I’m afraid due to Amazon rights but in some cases, I will send US residents a hard copy direct from Amazon dot com.

Have you seen my dedicated book site?

On Buy Me A Coffee

I know I need to continue to improve marketing to sell more books, but I also need to be better about using BMAC. This is where all the supporting content resides – it is not just a tip jar where I beg you for money. Here, you can read all short fiction including Spooky Salmonweird, but also all the other Salmonweird short fiction which I am not currently planning to release as an ebook and paperback volume.

Nothing is a given. I don’t know what my life or the world will look like a year from now, so there will be an element of playing it by ear.

Like This?

I’m also active on Medium where I write about child free living, mental health, social satire, freelancing, and a variety of other subjects.

If you’re interested in my fiction and creativity, please consider contributing just £5 to my Buy Me A Coffee. You’ll get to read all my short fiction at the site. Become a member, and you’ll see early access content and exclusives that will never be available here.

Thank you kindly!

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2 responses to “2022 Will Be a Year of Change for MG Mason Creative”

  1. Happy New Year Matt. Best of luck for your continued success this year! Andrea

    1. Thank you, Andrea! A Happy 2022 to you too 🙂

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