There is No Magic Formula for Going Viral

no guarantee of viral posts
Not on social media, your blog, or anywhere else

There are a lot of good business service companies out there. But they don’t teach you how to make a social media or blog post go viral. They cannot bring you instant riches.

Whoever told you they can is lying. I’m sorry, but they are. If they’re also trying to get you to hand over a lot of money and sign up to their programme, course, or pay for extra services, then they’re also potential scammers.

There are good business support professionals, of course there are. The good ones help you define your business goals and give you the skills to aid your growth and visibility to the audience that matters.

But there are no guarantees because it relies on so many other things. One of those things is luck.

Let’s step back a moment because I want to ask you a question.

Why do you want to go viral?

What do you think you’ll gain from a viral blog or social media post?

Because it doesn’t lead to more queries or sales.

If traffic is your ultimate game (you’re an influencer, for example) then you need as many eyes on your posts as possible. For most other businesses, going viral is not a realistic nor worthwhile goal.

For those, it’s more important to have five hundred engaged followers than to have 50,000 who are not your target audience.

Visibility =/= sales!

Relationships Matter

What matters is building a relationship with your audience. This can only happen through a long-term strategy of building trust in your professionalism, your brand, and your reliability. You are never going to achieve all that in a single post.

Also, once you have that audience, you also need to keep it.

Consistency matters

Have you ever followed a blog or social media account because of one post? Have you ever subsequently unfollowed a few weeks later because everything else since is of no interest?

This is why you need consistency of message and of content.

Hiring a freelance writer can help develop this voice across your channels. From tweets to Instagram posts, landing pages and blog posts, you need regular content in your voice to not just capture your audience but retain it too.

Interested? Reach out.

For client queries only. Please do not use this for cold calling.

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