Why I Write on Medium *and* Keep a Blog Here

I opened a Medium page about a year ago. It took me a few months to write my first article there for a variety of reasons – I had work and I still didn’t know what I wanted to write about there.

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

But now I’m off the starting block. I’ve written about eighty-five articles there to date. These are on subjects I like talking about: childfree living, photography, UK politics, gaming and entertainment, history, and so many more. If you haven’t been over to see, please do check it out! Link at the end of the article.

But why do I post stuff there instead of posting everything here? There are a few reasons.

Not everything is appropriate for my freelance website

There’s a much more casual tone to my writing at Medium where I feel freer to write about what I want to write about and in how I express myself. Although I’m a big advocate for more casual messages for businesses as part of their outreach (especially if you’re the kind of client I like to work with), some of it is too casual and not all that suitable for my freelancer website.

Medium is part passion project and part shop front. I don’t expect to make money from it (though I do) but it’s a great resource for wriiting about stuff outside the scope of my freelance work and to point to it as examples of my range and subjects.

The traffic is better at Medium

With the exception of a strong list of articles here that rank highly on Twitter, most of my articles have a short shelf life – we’re talking a few weeks, maybe months. If I’m lucky, it’s getting a few views here and there over the next few years.

While I have plenty of articles at Medium that do not currently earn me money, the way Medium is set up with two major advantages. The first is it ranks higher on the search engines generally. The second is that just because it’s more than a few days/weeks old, unless the information is out of date, there’s nothing to stop it appealing to new readers months or years from now.

Number of outlets

I want people to Google my name and see how diverse and prolific I am. It’s not a case of wanting to be a jack of all trades, but potential clients to see how and where I write, and consider me for other projects or their contacts.

Am I writing “for exposure”? Aren’t freelancers supposed to be against that? Well, yes in both cases. But this is very different from those grifting clients who just want stuff for free. My freelance website (i.e. this one) is my shop front. Medium is another way to reach out to readers.

As a non-paying reader, you can access two articles per month. Want to subscribe?

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