I’ve Decided to Stop Writing About Freelancing on Medium

Image: MG Mason. Good things are coming in 2023

I’ve been on Medium since August 2021 and spent most of those first few months finding my feet. I always wanted Medium to be somewhere to write for pleasure, and I’ve certainly succeeded in that during my first 16 months there.

But the idea of monetising writing about my freelancing experiences was just too tempting not to take up. I transferred some old articles from here, polished them up, and submitted to some freelancing publications.

None of them really took off.

If I’m completely honest, writing about freelancing on Medium always felt uninspired to me. My informal writing style never really fit. and there was always the (self) pressure to sell myself hard too. In short, it feels too business-y compared to my more laid-back style of writing.

If I carry on, I’ll be phoning it in and end up not being true to myself.

I’ve decided from 2023 to stop doing writing about freelancing on Medium. Instead, all my freelance stuff will appear on here, while a shorter version will go on the MG Mason Creative Instagram page.

The good news for you (or not) is you’ll get more blog content here. I will also not just talk about writing! As I expand my photo editing and video skills, I’ll be writing about those too.

What about Medium?

I’m still there and that is not going to change! Still writing about mental health, travel, childfree living, writing, and photography. If you follow me over there or on any social media site you will know that I came out as demisexual in the autumn.

I’ve already written plenty of pieces about the subject and in November I opened a publication called The Ace Space to provide a dedicated space for ace and aro writers. While there is plenty of queer content, there isn’t much focusing on ace and aro voices.

That has changed! Click the banner to visit the publication.

Want to join Medium? Use my referral link here

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