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MG Mason Creative

Freelance writing and
creative services
for your small business

Let’s Talk Rates

I offer multiple options, depending on how you wish to work, what suits your needs and budget.

  • Per word rate favoured by clients where it’s not clear how much writing may be required for length of a single piece: 8p per word
  • Flat rate for clients with an ideal article length in mind and who prefer a simplified payment structure: £40 for 1* 500 word article
  • Day rate for clients who wish to hire my services for multiple projects to take days at a time: £200 per day.

Want to See Some Examples?

Please see my my work on the web page for credited pieces for past or current clients.

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Reach out if you have any queries! This web form is for prospective clients only. I will not respond to cold calling emails or spam.

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